Once again we are getting a good amount of snow tonight. Plow crews will most likely be in overnight in order to keep the driveways open and do their best to keep sidewalks shoveled. Due to duration and timing of the storm, main clean up will be on Tuesday.
A few things for this storm and going forward:
  1. When cones are placed out, that means NO PARKING, not move the cones and park there, future violations can result in fines and/or towing.
  2. When your section is being done, either park your car off site, walk back or take a ride, but DO NOT HOVER in the parking lot and keep getting in the way. We have way to many residents who decide to do this. Stay out of the way and keep the driveway clear. This is so crews can work safely and effectively but also for emergency egress reasons. Residents who continue doing this could face fines.
  3. Absolutely no parking or waiting in your vehicles while your section is being down from Fisherville to first driveway. NO PARKING signs mean just that NO PARKING. This is for emergency egress issues. If you park here your vehicle can be towed without notice.
  4. Finely when your section is being done, there is no sliding back and forth. The entire section has to be out of the parking lot section being done. We know this is inconvenient but this has been requested by the plow crew due to the fact it actually interferes with them to being able to get it all cleared and salted due to people being in the way and moving when they feel like it.
Our plow crews during storms work long sleepless shifts to keep our paved surfaces as snow free as possible and as a community we can make it a tad easier for them. They work for us but if we work with them, then this can be an easier process and allows them to keep our community clean and safe during the winter stretch.
Thank you for your continue cooperation during this snow season.
We are still missing a great amount of vehicle registration sheets. If you read your winter packets you would of seen we need these even if you have done one recently. We have noticed lots of new cars, new tag numbers, also have notice some phone numbers we have aren’t the right phone numbers. This is for your benefit as we honestly don’t want to have to tow vehicles, but if we don’t know the owner or contact info then guess what happens on plow day and it’s not moved? We can’t try to give you a courtesy call and will be forced to just tow it. Please get us an updated sheet if you haven’t immediately. Lost your packet and need a form? Visit our website and we have them on there as well.
Thank You 🙂

It’s that time of the year again. Tuesday night and Wednesday we are forecasted to have snow. Please review the Winter guidelines which will be handled out Tuesday mid day, which will have everything including: clean up procedures, parking regulations, salt guidelines and parking registration sheet (which needs filled out and returned ASAP. Any questions please ask Bob (property manager), Robert (Maintenance) or send us a message via the contact us on the website.